Star Shaped Kitchen Sponge | Assorted Colours


Rice Denmark's wish is to surround you with homely objects – down to earth but still funky, fun and functional. Rice have a big heart and strong social ethics. Rice firmly believe that no one can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody. 

Here we have a set of colourful star Shaped Kitchen Sponges from the Rice collection. No need for boring kitchen sponges to use when washing the dishes. Clean the kitchen with a smile with this adorable kitchen sponge - shaped like a cute star! Perfect for cleaning the sink in your kitchen, bathroom walls, or maybe the grill after a great garden party. Practical and fun at the same time. These will make a fun gift. They have a hardwearing scrubber with an absorbent colourful sponge underneath. Also available in assorted animal shapes.

 Useful information about the Rice kitchen sponge:

  • Dimensions: L 11cm x W 11cm x D 2cm