Cashmere Blend Twill Wrist Warmers | Denim & White


A cosy double knit with a motif based on a traditional twill weave, the chevron pattern being picked out in two tonal colours with a single coloured 2 x 2 ribbed cuff. Wear either as a cuff, or as a wrist warmer, alternating between the two styles by turning upside down and inside out - two distinct looks in one garment! Style with co-ordinating beanie and scarf to complete the look.

Length: 18cm

45% wool 25% viscose 20% polyamide 10% cashmere Despite its high wool and cashmere content, you can wash it in the machine! This high quality Italian manufactured yarn blend can be washed on a wool or handwash cycle at 30 degrees. Ensure you use a liquid soap adapted for wool and your wrist warmers will come out looking like new after every wash.