Silicone Scrapers (Set of 4) | Assorted Colours & Dots


Give your interior a unique and colourful touch with these beautiful fun scrapers

Rice Denmark's wish is to surround you with homely objects – down to earth but still funky, fun and functional. Rice have a big heart and strong social ethics. Rice firmly believe that no one can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.

This silicone scraper or spatula is made in a completely unique design and colour and is designed for those of you who like to complete your décor with small, cute items. They will certainly stand out as part of your kitchen worktop display.  The silicone is produced from a practical, durable and robust material that remains beautiful for a long time. The handles are made from bamboo.

All our silicone products, intended for food and beverages, are tested food safe and meet the requirements of Danish and EU laws and regulations. They are suitable for the microwave and dish washer.

Useful information about the Rice silicone scraper:

  • Dimensions: H 3cm x W 4cm x H 21cm

  • Dishwasher safe