Hi there - I'm just back from holiday in the south of France (wonderful, since you ask!) where I was in awe of the beautiful French women and their fabulous style. Down in Provence they somehow manage to looking effortlessly sleek, stylish and cool in whatever they're wearing, despite the extreme heat of the Mediterranean summer. So I was super-excited to return home to find these fabulous garments had arrived from our latest brand addition - Mercy Delta.

What sets Mercy Delta apart is their use of colour on these beautiful silk pieces, and in particulate the neon accents that are only achieved through hand-screen printing. For over a decade they’ve partnered with the same team in India, relying on their incredible skills to bring their in-house designs to life.

I've admired Mercy Delta from afar for some time now, and I'm absolutely delighted now to be able to bring them to Winchester. I love them, and I know you will too!

July 29, 2022 — Karen Hutchings