• Corona Virus Update

    In light of the developing Covid-19 situation, I decided the most responsible thing to do is to close the shop on 22nd March. This was the hardest decision to make since opening only 6 months ago. However, I firmly believe it's the right thing to do.During this time my online store will remain we... View Post
  • A wonderful review

    We received this review on Google today from a customer and I was so delighted I decided to share it here. This sort of feedback is so motivating and makes all the hard work worthwhile, so *thank you* to Catherine! "My sister and I came across this wonderful shop just before Christmas and spent t... View Post
  • New Shop - it's finally here!

    I can’t believe it’s four years since we set up our little company and ventured out into the big wide world of retail, with our website and our pop-up stalls at a few school fetes and village halls. So much has changed since then, and we’ve had a great time as we’ve expanded our efforts to includ... View Post