Leather Wallet | Siena | Brown & Cream


Brown & Cream Leather Wallet | Siena

A gorgeous range, new to my shop, that brings the elegance of handmade, naturally dyed leather purses and wallets to you from Southern Spain.  Practical and design-led for you to stand out or to inspire you as a gift for that person who has everything, is choosey and is difficult to buy a gift for.  This range is truly stunning and exudes quality to the touch.

The name double 00 is inspired by the novels of Ian Fleming. In them he wrote about Agents 00, the elite of the British secret services. The most famous of these is 007, also known as James Bond, a character who represents the style and elegance of the double 00 wallet.

Inspired by Siena

  • Smart design - very compact and easy to use. Its size is perfect to hold 12 cards, several bank notes and even some coins in the back pocket.
  • Premium Napa leather -  soft touch and natural dyes that do not pollute the environment. The resin-based finish on its edges guarantees its durability.
  • Double weave - threads that combine with the leather on both sides.
  • Reinforced elastic band - Specifically designed in a tightly interwoven chain-structure for greater reliability and longevity.
  • Pokerwork engraved seal - at over 124°C/255°F, following secular craftsmanship tradition.
  • Money Clip - allows you to carry any bill of any currency available worldwide (dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, etc.).
  • Measurements - 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 cm
  • More styles and colours available separately