Men's Candle | 'Alfriston'


The 'Alfriston' candle is a luxurious, hand-poured candle made with a blend of coconut and soy wax. It is the home fragrance translation of our signature 'Alfriston' blend of Bergamot & Rose Geranium, which is scented with the finest fragrance and essential oils. This candle captures the essence of hazy, summertime nightfall in a wonderfully heady, yet light oil blend. The top notes of bergamot provide a refreshing and uplifting opening to the scent, while the rose geranium add a floral and sweet depth to the middle notes.

The combination of these two essential oils creates a unique and pleasing aroma that is both invigorating and relaxing. The bergamot provides a citrusy and slightly spicy scent that is balanced by the floral sweetness of the rose geranium. This candle is perfect for anyone who loves fresh and floral scents, it's perfect for any room and would make a great gift for any candle lover.