Olivewood & Bergamot | 3 Wick Candle


Discover the charm of our Olivewood & Bergamot Candle. This handmade delight ignites your senses with a blend of nutmeg, bergamot, and cardamom, transitioning into a heart of leather, incense, and patchouli. As the scent unfurls, it settles into the warm, inviting notes of olivewood, vanilla, and amber. Illuminate your space with the irresistible allure of this exquisite spice candle, perfect for creating an ambience of tranquillity and warmth.

Top Notes:
Nutmeg, Bergamot, Cardamom

Middle Notes:
Leather, Incense, Patchouli

Bottom Notes:
Olivewood, Vanilla, Amber

Size - 158mm x 155mmØ
Burn Time - 60 - 80 hours