Soria Chopping Boards | Mango Wood


Decorative yet practical, our round Soria Chopping Board is hand carved from sustainable mango wood. The board features a pretty, hand crafted etched edge, resulting in a textured and attractive pattern that translates from practical use in the kitchen, to the table.

Our mango wood pieces are created from sustainable mango wood. The Mango trees are initially grown for their fruit, harvested over a number of years. Once the trees have stopped bearing fruit, they can be cut down and used to make our wooden pieces. This allows farmers to plant more trees and provides them with a supplementary income.

Medium Dimensions - (h x w x d)32 x 32 x 1.8cm

Large Dimensions - (h x w x d)46 x 46 x 1.8cm

Colour - Natural
Material - Mango Wood
Country of origin - India
Food safe - Yes
Finish - Textured